Young Italian professional seeks job in the field of environmental science with regards to marine science

WANTED: Connections and proposals to find an occupation. Can you help me find a job in the field of environmental science with regards to marine science?

WHO: My name is Daniele Motta, during my MSc studies in Marine ecology at Genoa University, my passion for the ocean and its preservation has increased.

WHAT: An opportunity to work in my field of specialization, marine ecology, in particular I think I am an expert in solving marine biodiversity problems. However, I am very interested in every field of marine science and I am keen to work in other areas in order to hone my skills and acquire new ones.

WHY: I would like to have good contacts or opportunity in order to improve my skill and have a solid foundation on which to build my research career.

MY GOAL: My final goal would be to become an established researcher and to be able to participate in Antarctic campaigns, since I know that it is a long and difficult road in the short term, my aim is to gain as much experience as possible in the field of marine research both by working with private companies or at universities.

WHERE: Everywhere, for me leaving Italy to follow my dream isn’t a problem at all.

HOW LONG: Minimum 6 months.

I look forward to receiving your tips or connections that could help me find a job. Thank you!

You can contact me by email (click here) and by LinkedIn (Daniele Motta).

Daniele Motta, his elevator pitch for SAM International Business Network
Daniele Motta meets the president – Ad Smets – of SAM International Business Network
in preparation for his elevator pitch

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