Jonge Italiaanse academische marketeer zoekt uitdaging in Nederland

sam-netwerk_1908a_matteo-marsonSAM INTERNATIONAL probeert Europese organisaties en Europese medewerkers met elkaar in contact te brengen.
De vers afgestuurde marketeer Matteo ‘pitcht’ op digitale wijze:

Hello, my name is Matteo Marson. I’m Italian and I’m capable of finding connections and create collaborative relationships between companies, I’m flexible, ambitious and goal-oriented.

With my two university degrees, communications & marketing, consumer behavior with a specialization in brand management I am ready for a next step in my career.

I work well pursuing objectives, I would love to find a challenging and responsibility job that would allow me to achieve personal satisfaction as well as economic. I do work well in team although I prefer to learn in the beginning and then be able to work independently

At the moment I am doing a stage as account manager for a small company, I would love to find a satisfying job.

I’m willing to make international business travels, relocate to European and even to non-European countries. My Dutch friends call me open minded, with integrity and broad interests. They are convinced I will fit perfectly within the Dutch society (and that’s a big compliment for an Italian  ).

Curious? Take a look at my ‘zoekprofiel’ or my extended Curriculum Vitae

sam netwerk_1908_matteo marson

Belangstellenden kunnen direct contact opnemen met Matteo Marson,
of contact opnemen met SAM.

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