Vacancies: Supervising Veterinarian

Supervising veterinarian – To boost supervisory capacity, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is looking for veterinarians to strengthen its team. Interested?

We have many openings in regions across the country, with guaranteed opportunities in the north/east. Suitable candidates are invited to apply.

The NVWA monitors food safety and animal welfare in the Netherlands. Your main responsibility as a supervising veterinarian is to protect both animals and humans by ensuring that the slaughter process complies with regulations.

From the moment animals arrive at the slaughterhouse, you will follow every step of the slaughter process closely. Did the animals survive transport? Are they healthy? This challenging role comes with responsibility, and you will focus on making a real difference when it comes to animal welfare at small, medium, and large slaughterhouses (red meat and poultry).

Besides checking carcasses to guarantee meat quality, you will also ensure all operations are carried out hygienically and in accordance with laws, regulations, and guidelines. If necessary, you will take appropriate measures to rectify any compliance issues. You will also travel to primary companies, export collections centres, and cold stores for certification activities.

Want to know more? Watch this video featuring veterinarian Pauline Vooren.

At the NVWA you will be given plenty of development opportunities. To ensure you have all the necessary tools and knowledge to do your job, we provide a compulsory 9-month training program before starting work, as well as future compulsory training courses.

We offer an intensive language course for candidates who are not yet fluent in Dutch. This course is aimed at achieving level B2, a requirement for entering the substantive training program.

A basic test and an assessment (both in English) form part of the selection procedure.


  • You are a legally qualified veterinarian and your diploma is recognised by the Dutch Veterinary Register, in compliance with the relevant European Directive.
  • Experience as a veterinarian or within the sector is preferred, however recent graduates are welcome to apply.
  • You speak and write English fluently.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to quickly learn Dutch.
  • You display strong business acumen; you prioritise effectively and make decisions quickly when necessary.
  • You consistently embody the NVWA’s mission and values.
  • You are self-confident and perform well under pressure.
  • You have a valid driving license.
  • You are willing to relocate to the Netherlands.


You will start at salary scale 10 (€4.106 maximum based on experience). In addition to your salary and 8% holiday pay, you will receive a year-end bonus (8.3%), also known as the ‘thirteenth month’. Secondary benefits include a company car, a maximum of 55% paid parental leave (conditions apply), education options, additional leave for employees aged 45 and over, an excellent pension scheme, and collective insurance policies. The NVWA is committed to personal growth and (career) development and offers its employees a variety of options regarding benefits.

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality, Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

The NVWA monitors animal and plant health, animal welfare, and the safety of food and consumer products, as well as enforcing nature legislation.

Consumers must be able to trust the safety of food and other products, which is why entrepreneurs are required to comply with national and international laws and regulations. The NVWA ensures this compliance, as well as making sure animals and nature are treated responsibly. The NVWA also looks into the biggest risks to humans, animals, and nature, carrying out assessments and taking action where necessary. Our enforcement involves inspections, communication, and investigations, and aims to facilitate compliance. The NVWA also plays an important role in export inspections and the import of products to Europe. Our core values are transparency, reliability, independence, and leadership.

More about your future department

The Veterinary and Import (V&I) department approves and certifies live animals, other live products, and meat. The Netherlands is Europe’s largest exporter of live animals, and animal welfare is an important consideration. Entrepreneurs must therefore comply with rules regarding animal welfare as well as regulations surrounding the structure of their organisation. V&I staff ensure compliance with rules regarding food safety (meat and meat products), animal health, and animal welfare.

Other information

  • The intensive 9-month training consists of both modules and internship hours. After completing specific modules, you may work independently during certain parts of the training period.
  • The indicated 9 months is a guideline; the actual duration of the training period depends on the speed of your development and your total hours worked.
  • You will receive only your salary as compensation during the training period.
  • An orientation day and an assessment form part of the selection procedure.
  • The contracted working hours are three days per week (24 hours) minimum with a preference for full-time (36 hours).
  • The NVWA will support you in your relocation to the Netherlands.
  • We offer an initial contract for a period of 2 years. If you successfully complete the training course and assessment and perform well, you will be offered a permanent position.
  • Applicants from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany can email their CV and cover letter to werkenbij@nvwa. For more information call (+31) (088) 223 33 33.
  • Applicants from other European countries can contact Vetwork or Flexvet.
  • More information: NVWA at work | NVWA

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